“Emotional Transformation through Expansion

Discover how to easily transform any negative emotion without supressing it or being overwhelmed by it ever again with one simple technique.

This Thursday, 6th of February 20:00

“Being part of the first generation of practitioners of the Expansion Method and the trauma technique in Germany, I have used these techniques for about seven years now both for my personal process and in the work with my clients (over 200 sessions in total) and I have witnessed amazing, life changing results: massive transformational shifts, overcoming destructive, limiting thinking and behavioral patterns, creating emotional balance, chakra alignment and deep trauma release, just to name a few.

Tamar is more than an outstanding expert of trauma healing and her deep expertise, along with her brilliant, sharp eagle’s eye looking into the most vulnerable, fragile, unconscious, locked-away aspects of the patient’s psyche are incredibly precious gemstones to be obtained here. At the same time, her bold, spacious lioness heart is going to keep everyone safe and enveloped with warmth and compassion at all times of the process. Working with Tamar means your transformation is granted! Go for it!

Regina Tokarczyk

Tamar Brosh has been a God-send and working with her has been an empowering and truly enlightening experience.

I would highly recommend Tamar’s work to everybody wanting to break through old patterns and belief structures to pursue him/her authentic best self, to take charge of the unlimited capabilities of one’s being and to get in touch with his/her ultimate divine essence.”

Hannah K.

You wil discover:


the subtle fields of human consciousness

The foundation for complete release and deep-seated blockages


Why therapy methods that are purely mental can't work

and, on the other hand, incorporating the entire mind-body complex achieves revolutionary results


This Thursday, 6th of February 20:00

My name is Tamar Brosh and I am positive psychologist, coach and a trauma release expert. I have a master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching and I am a certified and senior practitioner in the Expansion Method ©. In my work for the last 15 years, I specialize in leading trauma release processes, both conscious and unconscious. And I have a vast experience and knowledge in therapeutic dynamics as well as empowering and transforming ones. I also have been practicing meditation and spiritual self-inquiry for the last 20 years and serve as a spiritual guide to many in my work.

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