Expanding a positive Emotion

Expansion of a positive Emotion (english)

by Tamar Brosh

Ausdehnung einer positiven Emotion (deutsch)

by Tamar Brosh

How was this guided meditation for you? And how does your journey into your innermost look like in general up to now?

That’s the method which helped thousands of people over the last years to truly master their emotions and inner struggles.

One of the most common questions people have has been if it is really possible for everyone to learn to master their emotions. The answer definitely is Yes. Of course it might not happen in one day, it also doesn’t for us. But you can start wherever you are right now, and grow from that place, take the steps in to right direction.

Expansion actually is a very intuitive process as your mind wants to expand anyways.

It’s been awesome sharing this information and seeing the excitement and beauty shared. It is exciting to really feel the potential of growth arising.

What would it change to…
…to be free from negativity and therefore be able to respond better to challenging situations with more inner peace and clarity?
…to be free from suppression and struggle with emotions, and to let all your life force flow freely?
… to be free from blockages which means a different level of health for body and mind?
…to being able to bring much more acceptance, intimacy and deeper connection to any relationship?
… to feel empowered because you are not controlled by emotions anymore but actually have mastered them?

Learning is great. But to get there you also need to step into action – to start to make the right steps to actually master your emotions. That is why we put together a beautiful weekend seminar. “The secret within your emotions”. It takes place 22. – 23. of June.

Our next E-Mail will be all about your next steps to move forward. We have a lot of details about the upcoming seminar, and how to get started… so watch your inbox.

But in the meantime: We would love to know what your experience with meditation is so far? Maybe you already got to know the Expansion-Method from Shai once before? Please leave a comment and share your experience.


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The secret within your emotions

Within every single emotion (positive or negative) there lies a pearl of light, truth and bliss.

Would you like to experience how every emotion calls for transformation?

We are organizing very soon an intense 2 days seminar that will change for good the way you perceive emotions and master them.

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