The Expansion for



Free yourself from the past and the burden of patterns and trauma with the remarkable aid of memory-transcending states of consciousness

Do you carry a certain psychological pattern or blockage that has not changed for years? Have you tried different therapies but only seen minor changes, if any at all?

The first thing that may strike you when encountering expansion therapy is that it’s a blissful and incredibly positive process. Even as you delve into the painful experiences of your past or dig into your worst fears, the entire process is encompassed with an air of inherent freedom, fearlessness and limitlessness.

This is a part of the magic: the very sense of having a ‘problem’ is dissolved by the expanded state of your mind.

If you carry a traumatic event deep within you that is triggered or resurfaces whenever you encounter a similar situation, you can now face it head-on but with a different spirit altogether.

Though you can’t change your past, you can dramatically change the way you perceive and interpret it.

By using your already liberated states of consciousness, you’ll gain the power that you need in order to mend the psychological contents of your memories. By imbuing your most traumatic memory with awareness and presence, you will be able to see that – no matter how unpleasant the event was – you don’t need to suffer because of it.

This is not merely an intellectual game; you will experience it directly, through your entire being.

There is also much more to it. Some of your deepest memories, which lay hidden at the depth of your unconscious, will now become reachable for you. With an extensive knowledge of the map of your subconscious, as well as of the different layers of your psyche, you will be able to fearlessly go into your subconscious and untie it (under the guidance of a certified instructor). Once this happens, you will no longer be controlled by hidden forces that inhibit your free choice and development.

Two of the most effective techniques in the ‘Expansion Method’ process work directly with memories. The ‘expansion for trauma’ technique, for example, turns traumatic events into positive turning points for growth and increased awareness. As soon as a man who is tormented by his past moves into expanded states of consciousness, the hardest moments of his life become workable and even laughable; a state of total despair is transformed into self-empowerment. He is not compelled by some powerful manipulation – rather, by his new awareness, which makes him watch his past through fresh eyes of illumination and insight. Now he can even bestow new purpose and meaning on an otherwise unfortunate event.

Traumatic events create irrational imprints in our brains. These are the hidden forces that eventually form difficult patterns in our personalities. The ‘expansion of hidden memories’ unties these imprints and, as a consequence, frees our present and future from past influences. For that to happen, we need to learn how to exactly connect with that freedom and how to work on ourselves from within it.

You can use therapeutic expansion for:

addictions, emotional imbalances, the unveiling and untying of deep forces of the subconscious, dream-interpretations, low self-esteem, fears and anxieties, difficulties in relationships, tormenting doubts and decision-making.

It is the unique combination of spiritual freedom and profound psychological work that brings about an increase of true inner power and the possibility of a fresh beginning. Being stronger and bigger than your problems, a state achieved through expansion, enables you to truly change them.

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