The Five Principles of the Expansion


The Expansion method consists of five principles, which could also be validated through practice and inner experience.

The first one is ‘Consciousness Precedes Phenomena‘ – The deeper you go into the more refined levels of consciousness, the quicker you can change your mind’s content.

The second principle, ‘The subtle fields are planes in which suffering is impossible,’ states that suffering cannot exist where there is no psychological memory; once you transcend psychological memory through the power of the subtle fields, you are out of the circle of suffering.

The third principle is ‘Self-authority’ – as you move into the subtle consciousness, happiness is revealed as a non-causal inner state, that is, a state that does not depend on circumstances or other people. This is the beginning of the discovery that you can become your own source of love, understanding, leadership and grace – and this realization leads to the emergence of genuine individuality.

‘Expansion is Bliss,’ the fourth principle, tells us that suffering is the sense of contraction and limitation. From this, it follows that expansion is the source of supreme happiness. By shuttering the contraction and assimilating the limitations into a more wholesome and vibrating being, suffering dissolves completely.

The last one, ‘The Awakening of the New Brain,’ teaches that once your brain shifts from a state of thinking into a state of listening, it is free from conditioning, and therefore functions on a totally different level of clarity, intelligence and creativity. Thus, the expansion process helps you shift into the next evolutionary step of the human brain.

What others say about Tamar and the Trauma Release technique

Being part of the first generation of practitioners of the Expansion Method and the trauma technique in Germany, I have used these techniques for about seven years now both for my personal process and in the work with my clients (over 200 sessions in total) and I have witnessed amazing, life changing results: massive transformational shifts, overcoming destructive, limiting thinking and behavioural patterns, creating emotional balance, chakra alignment and deep trauma release, just to name a few. While the method in itself is designed as a wonderful tool for spiritual liberation, it works fantastically also in the area of trauma healing, which ultimately is the fundament for all further evolutionary unfolding and reaching into heights of a blissful, joyful, nourished, creative self-expression. I know this method has the power and potential to outdate regular psychotherapy as it works super fast, holistically and efficiently and this is what we need so urgently in these current speedy shifting times. It is my heart’s vision to have the planet trauma-free in ten years and this method could be a major key tool reaching there. All that is needed is a lot of healers, psychologists and practitioners getting trained in it and applying it with their people. I would also love to see this method to be taught to teenagers in schools.

 Tamar is more than an outstanding expert of trauma healing and her deep expertise, along with her brilliant, sharp eagle’s eye looking into the most vulnerable, fragile, unconscious, locked-away aspects of the patient’s psyche are incredibly precious gemstones to be obtained here. At the same time, her bold, spacious lioness heart is going to keep everyone safe and enveloped with warmth and compassion at all times of the process. Working with Tamar means your transformation is granted! Go for it!

Regina Tokarczyk

Traumas can be life-changing events by limiting certain areas of our life. Untreated they can stay with us all our life. Often times we are not even fully aware of them. The specific Expansion-Technique for Trauma is a wonderful “all-in-one” approach to tackle all major aspects of traumata. A session is rather long and intense, but equally thorough. You will get to know the content of your trauma and by growing awareness you will be guided through a transformative shift of perception of whatever happened to you. This enables a kind of re-establishment of your state of being before the trauma situation. Thus, being an equally life-changing event again – just in a positive direction this time. I experienced Tamar an overly empathic, trustworthy and experienced guide in this process. Facing such traumas can be challenging enough. Having a really good guide becomes all the more important then.

Michael Müller


The Expansion Method

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