The Expansion for


Meditation and Balance

Meditation has never been so easy and profound. If you’re having a hard time trying to ‘relax,’ try this updated form of meditation.

How can I silence my mind and reach the deepest states of meditation? Once reached, how can I make these states part of my day to day living experience?

If you have ever undergone some form of spiritual practice, or have even felt inclined to delve into the spiritual field, these two questions have most assuredly surfaced in your mind. Indeed, the silencing of the mind may seem like an uncrossable bridge, and imbuing your daily life with meditative fragrance may seem like a tremendous challenge.

Even if you do get to experience moments of meditative bliss, disappointingly, that silent state fades away after a short while. Moreover, the practice of meditation does not provide you with genuine solutions for life; at the most you’ll get some momentary relief from it, a short vacation so to speak. As you open your eyes, you come to realize that all your problems just lie there waiting, unchanged.

Would you like to expand your meditation?

The ‘Expansion’ process expands not only negative blockages, but also positive and blissful states of mind. When you put it into action, you’ll realize just how fast your body and mind can balance. It helps your active mind steep in stillness and joyful rest.

Shai Tubali, the spiritual teacher who developed this method, was greatly troubled by the fact that, although spiritual teachers ceaselessly talk about these meditative states, they are usually unapproachable for most people. Furthermore, without the capacity to integrate meditation into our actual lives, it remains an abstract and vague experience, just ‘something to remember.’ Eventually, he managed to ‘structure’ enlightened states by developing ‘expansion.’ Now everyone can have a piece of these states with more life-transformative power – systematically and daily.

This means that:


  1. You don’t need to fear meditation: even if you are an inexperienced practitioner, you can now confidently abide in profound states that you may have considered ‘way beyond your league.’
  2. If you are an experienced practitioner, you can now go beyond states of bliss and silence; in fact, you can go infinitely beyond.
  3. You can acquire a wholesome map of inner development, and learn the precise level of your practice and the ways to enhance it.
  4. You don’t need to go through intensely demanding days of retreat and practice to attain spiritual elevation. The ‘Expansion’ works quickly and powerfully and, without effort, raises your being high above your present state of development.
  5. You don’t need to hope to reach the meditative state anymore. It happens every time and becomes better over time.
  6. You may use the ‘Expansion’ to deepen your favourite meditation technique, mantra or spiritual symbol, or you can try out one of our unique meditation techniques, such as: ‘The Expansion for Meditation,’ ‘The Expansion of the Chakras’ and ‘The Expansion of Self-Identity.’
  7. You don’t need to adopt any new belief or dogma. You can remain loyal to your spiritual path or religion.
  8. If you seek the ultimate dimension of spiritual enlightenment and Kundalini awakening, you’ll find an extensive support system here, which will aid in awakening the energy of liberation. We have many practices for balancing and shifting your current stage, vast knowledge about your subtle anatomy and how to use it and a solid philosophy about how your chakras are a reflection of your multilayered psyche.
  9. This simple yet effective structure allows you to practice almost anywhere and anytime – whether alone, with a partner or with a certified instructor.
  10. Our techniques are designed to give you two presents through continuous practice: stabilization of high states of consciousness and ever-deepening integration into real life.

Your way of life will soon reflect the dramatic changes of your innermost world; disturbing patterns, which result from the ordinary mental and emotional level of being, oftentimes effortlessly fade away. On the other hand, you may no longer require the reassuring concept of positive thinking in order to feel balanced in life. Going again and again into the enlightened state releases you from the need to anxiously await some external miracle or heavenly grace. You will be revealed as your greatest liberator.


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