The Expansion Session

An expansion session is a personal process. It occurs between an instructor and a client and lasts for about two hours. When the session begins, the client explains the issue he’s interested in working on, whether it’s an emotional, mental, psychosomatic healing, spiritual development or any other challenge in life. Then instructor will choose the right technique for him. The Expansion Method involves nearly 50 different techniques – each one designed for a specific and different purpose. Together, the client and instructor start the process.

An Expansion instructor will never tell the client what to think or do. On the contrary, one of the principles of the Expansion Method is the building of a true self-authority.

In the expansion session, the client closes his eyes and the instructor guides him into the expansion process in order to be able to better concentrate and move into higher states of consciousness. The moment the client reaches a state in which he is free from the issue that was presented at the beginning of the session, he can, for the first time, clearly see the challenge and make significant progress towards solving it, as he is dealing with it from a higher state of consciousness. The instructor helps the client stabilize in the higher fields of consciousness and connect to sources of wisdom, love and liberation. These states have always existed within the client, but lacking the right tools, the client was deprived of connecting with them. The more the process deepens, utilizing questions and practical guidance, the instructor helps the client deconstruct patterns and traumas, which enables spiritual transformation.

An expansion instructor will never tell the person undergoing the process his own opinion, nor will he direct him to making a certain decision or action of any kind – otherwise he will betray one of the most significant principles of the expansion process: the support in building a true self authority and true inner power; the creation of a true self that doesn’t need the guidance of an external authority of any kind.

The moment a person discovers these layers of presence, strength and healing inside of him, he establishes self-ownership. Abundance, intelligence and love are now revealed as very accessible states.

This combination of a professional instruction along with the techniques of the Expansion Method makes the session a liberating and unforgettable experience, and a series of sessions – a life changing event.

Expansion is the primary tool used by the instructors during the sessions. However the work to attain high states of consciousness is multifaceted: dream interpretation, untying and releasing traumas, balancing of the chakras, uprooting of repetitive patterns and addictions, and more.

At the end of the session, the instructor integrates all that has been said in order to anchor insights, bring clarity and awareness into the experience. The client also receives a recorded transcription of the session. Since everything that has transpired is the client’s own words, the process of internalizing and transformation becomes faster – it is easier for us to accept a truth as it was revealed within than to hear it from some external authority.

The session takes place in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. The Expansion instructors are capable of showing profound sensitivity and are able to skillfully carry out a deep and liberating process and respond to whatever difficulty that might come up during the session. The combination of a professional instructor, who knows how to work with different levels of consciousness, along with the groundbreaking techniques of the Expansion Method, makes the session a liberating and unforgettable experience, and a series of sessions – a life changing event.


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