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Expansion Method

The Expansion is a method which gives every person the ability to expand one’s consciousness for healing, empowerment and transformation. The Expansion method can support trauma healing as well as the journey to enlightenment and can serve as a practical solution for one’s problems. This method has helped thousands of people achieve supreme bliss, all embracing wisdom and true liberation.

Now it is possible to expand one’s consciousness, to break through to spiritual heights and delight in the light that fills our entire being.

The basic principle of the method is that all of our problems are created in a state of contracted consciousness and by achieving a state of expanded consciousness, our problems are solved.  By means of a simple tool called “the expansion process,” the method enables the awakening of subtle layers or fields of consciousness, which can lead to emotional, mental and psychosomatic healing.  With the discovery of these layers, the practitioner gains a new self-authority or self-ownership: the power to change one’s life with no dependency on external factors. 

For practitioners of meditation and other spiritual practices, the Expansion method is a precious gift, since ecstasy, universal love and absolute freedom are all byproducts of expanded consciousness. Instead of hoping for a few drops of “grace” that occasionally appear after prolonged efforts, it is now possible to systematically expand one’s consciousness and in a very short time to break through into supreme spiritual peaks and delight in the light that fills our entire being.

With the Expansion method it is possible to, untie long-term traumas, experience very high states of consciousness, perceive and understand the subconscious with complete clarity and know what to do in times of doubt.

The Expansion method contains powerful techniques that can bring forth new states of intelligence and consciousness in a structured, rapid and easy to implement way. It is recommended that these techniques be experienced through a series of meetings with a certified instructor.  In addition, these techniques can be experienced in Expansion workshops and professional trainings conducted by Tamar Brosh. The Expansion method can also be learned on your own through Shai Tubali’s book, The White Light—A Guide to Bliss.

Discover more About the Expansion Method

Application areas?

  1. Expansion for Meditation
  2. Expansion for Trauma

Theory & Principles:

  • – The 5 Principles of Expansion
  • – Expansion of Consciousness
  • – The Theory of the Subtle fields


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