The Theory of


subtle fields

According to the theory of subtle fields developed by Shai Tubali, our physical body is surrounded by five energetic invisible bodies. The definition of “man” is expanded and the physical body is just one part of it. It includes subtler elements such as the energetic element, the mind element, the spiritual element, the soul element and the awareness element.

This theory has its origins in several philosophies, including yogic tradition, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Osho and Anandamurti. This theory maps subtle layers of consciousness and enables us to get in touch with invisible layers of ourselves and the universe in large.

The 5 Subtle Fields

1. The Electromagnetic Field

This is our energetic layer, the layer of life-force existence, in which we are nourished by prana (life force) and not by physical factors such as oxygen or food.  In this field we maintain seven chakras and 72.000 nadis, which absorb cosmic energy and translate it into mental, emotional and spiritual activities. It is the essential field of our subtle anatomy.

2. The Mental-Emotional Field

This is the field where our deepest impressions through experience and memory are being registered; it is the reservoir of our unconscious. This field is the source of our superficial mental and emotional activity, reaction and interpretation of reality. Most of the therapeutic work in the White Light method is aimed to uproot this field from its patterns, imprints and conditioning, in order to liberate the mind and the body from limitation.

3. The Mental-Spiritual Field

This is the field of initial freedom from time and space. It’s a deep level of peace, serenity, stillness and non-causal emotions such as joy and love. Non-causal emotions arise from our spiritual core, rather than from our reactions to the material world.  Here we can begin to perceive spiritual realities and spiritual dimensions. It is the field of intuition, visions, spiritual beings and entities. It is also the birth of “enlightened psychology.” We can uproot the psychological imprints in the mental-emotional field only when we rise above it.  We can then achieve a state of freedom from any conflict or trauma. Through the mental-spiritual field we can experience scientific and artistic discoveries, as well as mental clarity to make wise decisions.  For spiritual practitioners, this is the field of initial spiritual awakening. 

4. The Cosmic-Soul Field

This is the field of the “Brain of God.” Here we experience our soul as a spark of creative divine intelligence and awareness. We also can get in touch with the universal brain, in which the great laws that encode the universe are found.  In the cosmic-soul field we can realize answers to great questions such as: “Why are we here?” “What is the purpose of this journey?” “What is the will of God?”

The great yogic and kabalistic seers expressed the divine’s design through this field and gave detailed descriptions of how God works and how the human being can become a co-creator with these higher realities. In the cosmic-soul field we experience oneness with the entire universe and the power of evolution.

5. The Field of Pure Awareness

In this field we begin to realize the divine self-identity. Here we go beyond creation itself, beyond perception and duality. This is the state in which the yogi declares: “I am that.” There is no difference between the individual self and the universal self.

The Expansion Method and the Theory of Subtle Fields

Through the simple process of expansion, we have created a useful tool to navigate through these subtle fields. The more we expand our consciousness, the more our consciousness grows into our subtlest fields. Everything seems easy to solve and everything seems possible. We experience ourselves as completely intelligent and intuitive. We can activate self-ownership or self-authority and therefore self-responsibility. Exalted spiritual states are available for the first time for all people and the state of being known by the clichés “everything is within me” and “the keys are within me” is fully awakened.

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